The public defense of a doctoral thesis

The public defense of a doctoral thesis by Artur Juszczyk MSc. Eng. will be held on January 11, 2017.

The time and place of the defense: 9.00 a.m.; Building A-8 (ul. Prof. Z. Szafrana 1, Zielona Gora); room 213 (second floor).

Thesis: “Analysis of the bearing capacity of steel road grids under working load on low-bearing soils”. Promoter: PhD. hab. Eng. Adam Wysokowski, Prof. UZ (University of Zielona Góra).

Reviewers: Prof. Wojciech Radomski PhD. Eng. (Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering); Prof. Leszek Rafalski PhD. Eng. (Road and Bridge Research Institute, Warsaw).

The doctoral thesis is available in the University Library in Zielona Gora, Al. Wojska Polskiego 71, room 1.13. The reviews and a summary of the doctoral thesis are available on the Faculty website at: