Student internships

Faculty internship counsellor
Janusz LASKOWSKI M.Sc. Eng.
tel.: (+48 68) 328 73 43
building A-8, room 402


Office hours:
Monday 1115 – 1300    room 402 A-8,
Saturday (during even and odd meetings at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering) 1415 – 1500  room 402 A-8,


  • legal issues
  • internship regulations
  • faculty internship schedule


  • agreement between the university and the company
  • internship framework schedules:

architecture; construction training

architecture; design training

structural engineering; construction training

structural engineering; diploma training

environmental engineering; professional training

  • example of the internship diary for:


structural engineering

environmental engineering

  • insurance statement
  • employment statement (for part-time students)