Happy New Year

  Another year is coming to an end. This is the time when we close our current affairs, reflecting on what we have managed to accomplish over the past year, what can be completed in the following weeks, and what has already gone forever. These days we wish you good decisions and positive conclusions in

Competition for the Annual SARP Award “Diploma of the Year 2018”

  We have just received information about the beginning of the new edition of the Competition for the Annual SARP Award. Zbyszek Zawistowski “Diploma of the Year 2018”.   The competition documents can be found below: Rules_Diploma_of_the_Year_edition 2018_Z3_PROTOCOL KK Rules_Diploma_of_the_Year_edition 2018_Z2_ Participation_Chart Rules_Diploma_of_the_Year_edition 2018_Z1_Timetable Rules_Diploma_of_the_Year_edition 2018_ready MH

5 December – World Soil Day

“Everything connects us with the soil – We live on it and from it” These are the words of prof. S. Miklaszewski from 1909. Nothing has changed – it also concerns us – builders, architects and environmental engineers.