Central Laboratory of the Institute of Environmental Engineering

The laboratory has implemented the management system ISO 9001:2000, which has been approved and given an accreditation certificate consistent with ISO 17025: No. AB 772.

The laboratory can carry out analyses and research of:

  • groundwater, surface water, drinking water, as well as technological research on water purification technologies;
  • communal and industrial wastes, the choice and optimization of sewage treatment technologies in laboratory and semi-technological scale;
  • sewage sludges from communal and industrial treatment plants, the biological microscopic analysis of active sludges;
  • morphological and granulometric composition of wastes, leaching tests, research on organic fertilizers (composts) and substances stimulating plant growth, AT4 tests, unit measurements of biogas production (JPB21) as well as landfill monitoring;
  • soils and land according to the standards specified for soil quality, required when communal sewage sludges are used in agriculture, for land reclamation, for agricultural and non-agricultural purposes, and when land is adapted for particular purposes resulting from waste management plans, spatial development plans or zoning administrative decisions.

Centre for Balanced Building and Energy

The CBBE building is part of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Zielona Góra. In this building it is possible to do research and conduct classes in balanced building and effective energy production. The most important components of the building are the laboratory of heat and cold generation for heating and cooling purposes, and the cogeneration aggregate. The research laboratory has a number of devices for heat generation from different fuels. Renewable heat sources (flat and vacuum solar collectors) are a very important part of the technological research system. An innovative solution is the cold generation system for the air-conditioning installation in the building, which uses an absorption freezer powered by heat from the solar collectors. Important components of the research laboratory are the control and automation system as well as software and equipment used for recording and visualizing the operation parameters of each device. A sensor system enables full visualization of all the operation parameters of the source at any point in the technological system.

Laboratory of the Institute of Structural Engineering

The Laboratory of the Institute of Structural Engineering is part of the Institute of Structural Engineering of the University of Zielona Góra. It is equipped with state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities that enable students to study on a very high level, the Institute staff to conduct advanced scientific research and to provide services to the industry, such as expert opinions and research in a variety of fields. The equipment and qualified staff of the Laboratory make it possible to conduct the following types of research on a wide range of materials and components:

  • endurance tests, deformation measurement tests,
  • examination of physico-mechanical and structural characteristics of materials,
  • geotechnical research.


The Laboratory of the Institute of Structural Engineering includes the following laboratories and workshops:

  • Laboratory of Building Materials
  • General Construction Workshop
  • Road and Bridge Laboratory
  • Bridge Workshop
  • Road Workshop
  • Geotechnical Laboratory
  • Geodetic Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Engineering Structures
  • Material Strength Laboratory
  • Department of Construction Technology and Organization