For students:

Vice-Dean for Student Affairs – Prof. Marlena PIONTEK, D.Sc. (room 125B, building A-8) office hours:

– Tuesday – 1015-1200,

– Saturday (during part time study meetings at the Faculty) – 930 – 1030


Faculty deanery (room 101 and 102, building A-8)

open – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 1000– 1300, Saturday (during part time study meetings at the Faculty) – 800– 1200, closed – Monday


Deanery employees

Deanery director:
Joanna WOŚ M.Sc. Eng.
tel.: (+48 68) 328 23 34
building A-8, room 102
full time study levels I and II in civil engineering
full time study level II in environmental engineering


Katarzyna GRODZKA M.Sc.
tel.: (+48 68) 328 25 21
bud. A-8, pokój 101
part time study levels I and II in:
architecture and urban planning, civil engineering and environmental engineering
full time study levels I and II I in: architecture and urban planning


Katarzyna MARCINIAK M.Sc.
tel.: (+48 68) 328 25 22
building A-8, room 101
financial support for students, certificates for banks and the Army Recruiting Command, invoices, tuition fees – interest
full time study level I in environmental engineering


Document templates:

  • Application for credit for selected subject while waiting for a semester retake;
  • Application for a semester/year retake;
  • Application for extending the deadline for completion of a diploma thesis;
  • Application for conditional credit with a subject/course retake;
  • Application for conditional credit;
  • Application for resumption of studies;
  • Index template;
  • Application for access to materials necessary for a diploma thesis;


Exam in a foreign language for special purposes